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San Francisco House of Music

The San Francisco House of music international competition held by AWR competitions concluded in December and results were announced. I was fortunate to have received the second place award (and a prize money which I used to construct one of the foundations of my house in the village…..37 more foundations to go!!!).

This competition also served as the foundation for my THESIS design project which fortunately also played out well at the end of the semester. I’m extremely grateful to the following persons for their guidance and input that ensured this project reached it’s mark.

Peter Roy, Henry Skates, Ruwan Fernando, Leigh Shutter, Karen Ognibene, Eric Zhonghua, Pwakandi Wundileyi, Damian Camplin, Nnamdi Orji.

The competition proposes for a new design within the golden gate park, a house of music. The project aims to establish an important link between the past and the present of the city.

This design aims to complement the Opera in the War Memorial Opera House where new trends of classical and contemporary music can be carried out. The building will be a place where the community can access the common areas and will enjoy the spectacles surrounded by the nature of the context.

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AWR Competition Panel
THESIS Design Panels (Griffith University)

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