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Logic Plaza

Had some fun working on this project and testing things out with the team at Design Logic.

Comments (3)

  1. Angbashum A. H.

    Wow, I’ll like to follow up to see its completion. Where would it be built. Would love to go site seeing from time to time.

  2. mosvilla

    Hello Senior colleague,
    Am the chief editor if the upcoming national architecture students journal hear in Nigeria.
    We are lunching our maidian edition on the 3/4/17. We would love if you help us with a complete project illustrating concept derivation, good presentation skills, site analysis and thoughtful design thinking process.
    We wish to use it as part of our publication in other to inspire us as upcoming architects, no mater how small the project is even a one bedroom flat or a security post will be OK. We just need something inspiring.
    Thanks for your kind understanding.
    Our official mail box is