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Cruise Ship Terminal

The brief requested a Cruise Terminal for the city of GoldCoast to be located at the SPIT.


After a careful analysis, the terminal was situated offshore. The idea was to ensure a destination both for the people of the Coast and travellers by creating  a terminal that exudes elegance as well as a host of activities. It houses a host of activities that include fishing, an amphitheatre, shops, observatory’s and an underwater observatory that serves as a means for observing sea life while submersed.

The terminal also creates jobs for the people of the coast by making available boat rides for travellers to get the beach.

All of this ensures a destination that is both unique and vital to the GoldCoast. The social and financial impact of the offshore terminal related to the development of the spit make the GoldCoast the place to be.

  • Master 01 Studio Project.
  • Full slides will be uploaded at a later date.