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Dadi Dindul


Welcome to my domain.

I am a final year masters of architecture student at Griffith university with strong design and presentation skills. I also have moderate computational skills when it comes to code which allows me to further push the boundaries of what can be achieved with the programs I use.

I enjoy working within a team whenever the opportunity arises as it upgrades my knowledge base and existing skill set. Having worked as an Architectural assistant for a number of years I have developed a passion for varied design types that include residential buildings, museums, memorials and theatres. I also enjoy travelling and volunteering for community based projects.

In my spare time, I create abstract art, read a novel, watch an anime, play a game, drink a coke or seek out the nearest adrenaline fix.

If you like what I have so far, be sure to send a message :).


  • 3d Visualization
  • Photography
  • Architectural Animations
  • Logo design
  • Illustrations

My work usually involves

Architectural Visualisation
Logo Design


  • Design Logic
  • Shane Denman Architects
  • ArchiWeb + Consultants
  • Dantata Group


Dindul is an amazing guy. He knows his graphics, and is always learning the best, most effective ways to complete his tasks. The most amazing thing about his work is that he gets it right, and excellently, first time, every time!

Ibrahim Lawal

Dadi is an extraordinary person, younger than I am but definitely a mentor, a reverse mentor if you like. I met him on Facebook through a mutual friend and have gone on to meet him physically. He has given me an endless amount of information and trained me on Sketchup amongst several other areas, and worked on a few of my projects with me

Ekaette Bassey F.
Architect & happy customer

Dindul is one of a kind! a creative and open mind keen to learning and innovations in Architecture and Design.

Gordon Imaseun